With you I bloom ~The shinsen-gumi youth chronicle~ (2024)

With you I bloom ~The shinsen-gumi youth chronicle~ (2024)


Based on Tezuka Osamu’s “Shinsengumi” series from 1963.

1863, Kyoto. At a small teahouse run by his father, Fukakusa Kyujuurou lived modestly yet earnestly day by day. However, one night, that peaceful everyday life changed dramatically. His father, who had been sheltering a pro-Shogunate samurai, ends up being killed by Shonai, a Choshu samurai. Shaken with rage, Kyoujurou dashed out of the shop to pursue Shonai and his comrades, but then a man appeared, seemingly understanding Kyoujurou’s intentions, and swiftly cut down one of the samurai. Identifying himself as the chief of the Shinsengumi, Isami Kondo offered words of condolence to Kyoujurou, expressing gratitude for his father’s bravery, before departing. Determined to seek revenge, Kyoujurou resolved to enlist in the Shinsengumi. Credit : DramaClub

Other Name: 君とゆきて咲く ~新選組青春録~

Released: Apr. 25, 2024

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